KORDRILL (KRD) Dealership Opportunities

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KORDRILL is looking for a dealer for the global market.

KRD is a passionate global pneumatic equipment manufacturer with extensive knowledge and experience in the market for the past decades. We believe we can benefit the dedicated, full-service dealers like you by providing; 

  1. competitive wholesale price for equipments and parts,

  2. excellent warranties, 

  3. concrete service and maintenance programs,

  4. extensive sales and service training onsite at your dealership.

Why should you partner with KRD?

KRD offers reliable and productive equipments. KRD will make every effort to bring business to your door and support your customers after the sale. We have been serving global construction equipment manufacturers successfully. Many business owners and operators are discovering that KRD equipment is economical, durable, user-friendly and easy to maintain. 

KRD is ready to work for your success.

We believe the strong and lasting relationships with our dealers will enhance us further. They inspire our products and services to be better in every edge. That will make us confident and successful together in this competitive market. 

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